Thursday, May 30, 2013

Decorating with found treasures!

One of my loyal followers sent me a couple of pictures that I wanted to share with you. She collected things over time and has created some cute ideas for her porch and an area in her yard that I think are absolutely adorable! I love it when people send me photos of their ideas so we can all get inspired. 


This is a picture of her front porch and I love the colors! Gray, white and a pop of buttery yellow!

And this little area beside a tree, love how she brought all of her "treasures" together to create a cute little focal point in her yard!

I am always amazed how creative people can be using found objects. If you have a something that you want to share just send me some photos at and I will be happy to post your pictures on my blog.

I know that some of you in this area of Iowa have been getting some nasty weather lately, raining and flooding. I'm praying for you all that you stay safe and that Mother Nature takes a breather from all these nasty storms.

Thank you Max for the great pictures, I love that you sent these for me to share!

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  1. Anonymous11:48:00 AM

    Thank you! the pansies are flowing over the cans and scale now. It really adds to the look.I'm going to add different size glass jars with solar lights to them also. I'm having fun this summer. Now I need to work on the patio out back and the bathtub.
    The flowers are not up yet there. I will send a picture when the Petunia's are going crazy like normal. They just keep coming year after year.


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