Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Visiting New Orleans!

My first visit to New Orleans, so far, did not disappoint, it's everything that I expected, every picture in my mind came to fruition.......this is an amazing city!

The people, the food, the architecture, the entertainment, the food, everything is amazing........did I mention the food? Oh my, I fell in love with the Jambalaya, I've had it twice since we've been here. The chicken, andouille sausage and shrimp, and rice are cooked in a wonderfully spicy tomato sauce with just the right amount of hotness. It is delicious! Another treat that we don't see everyday in Ohio, Oysters in the half shell, sprinkle a little Tabasco sauce on the oyster, lay it on a saltine cracker and enjoy! To top it off, Bread Pudding with Bourbon sauce. All of these delicious foods are native to New Orleans and a must have while you are here! Heaven wasn't too far away last night while we dined at Desire right off Bourbon street.

Today is our last day here, decisions, decisions.....do I give in and try the crawfish or stick with something like the shrimp creole? Not sure but I know we are heading down to the Concierge to head us in the direction of New Orleans well known Beignet for breakfast!

I will post more pictures of this amazing trip once we get home, don't want to spend any more time in the motel than I have too!

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