Monday, April 15, 2013

Vaca is over:( Getting back on track

We got back from our vacation/road trip on Saturday and it felt so good to be home. The last two days were long, you know the anticipation of getting home and getting back to some normalcy. Especially our eating habits, even though we really didn't eat all that much, it was just food that we don't normally eat. It is surprising how your body responds to a different diet, I felt constantly full, bloated, and swollen!! But it was all worth it, I mean, when you travel, part of the experience is the food. Chili in Cincinnati, Jambalaya, Beignets, and Crawfish in New Orleans, BBQ in Tennessee it was all soooo good! So now that we are home my body was actually hungry this morning and I filled it with a banana, back to normal!

One thing I was hoping for was to stop at some flea markets or junk shops along the way, but we really didn't find many and that really surprised me. I didn't want to drive off course to find any either though, so that's probably why, they were probably all tucked away in these tiny little towns. The one we did stop in had a lot of Victorian furnishings, nothing that interested me. Probably for the best because my hubby, although he is always sounds enthusiastic about junking, he followed me around like a little puppy dog, sure sign that he wasn't as enthused as I was. Just so you know, he loves flea markets, he always has better luck than I do, guess he just wasn't in the mood! Sooooo, I will take the time to go to my old local favorites and hopefully have some luck. I have been searching for some time for two mirrors to go above our bathroom vanity, not sure what kind I want, I will know it when I see them. My favorite flea market opens soon, hopefully I can find them there, I can't wait.

In the meantime, I have a lot of odd jobs that I have to finish up around here, you know the little annoyances that you keep putting off and if I wouldn't have gotten side tracked they would have been finished by now. I need to put another coat of poly on the doors to the bar and I bought a shower curtain that was too short for my shower, so I have to find a way to make it work, I sold a small table on Etsy so I have to get that ready for pick up yada, yada, yada! I have my list of " things to do" and I need to start crossing this stuff off so I can do something fun again. It has been too long since I've been creative and going to New Orleans just got my creative juices flowing........I just hope they don't stop flowing while I get these mundane jobs done!

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