Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our visit to Antique Archaeology, in Nashville TN!

One of our plans on this trip was to visit Antique Archaeology while we were passing through Nashville. Being born and raised in Iowa we feel a little kin to Mike and Frank and we have already visited their shop in LeClaire, Iowa. We bought a huge rusty gold "R" on that visit so we thought it would be nice to find a treasure to bring home so we could have something from both stores. When we got there we were a little surprised to see a line of people waiting to get in, I mean, it was a weekday at noon. So I went into a near by coffee shop while Rick kept our place in line and got him a coffee, he doesn't do well with waiting in lines, his first response was, " this is ridiculous, is it even worth the wait? They also were only letting a few people in at a time and once you got in the store they gave you just a short time to visit, adding to Rick's frustration! But we had a very nice couple behind us, we got to visiting and before we knew it we were next in line. The weather was gorgeous so I was just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. We are on vacation.......relax!

I think the wait was well worth it but all we bought were two t-shirts and an Antique Archaeology license plate to hang in our bar. It was filled with eclectic collectibles, most too large and too off the wall my house. This stuff is for the serious collector, but it is definitely fun too look at! And surprisingly this store wasn't very big either, there are something like 80 shops in this warehouse and Antique Archaeology has only a small section, that's what surprised me the most, I was expecting a huge expansive store!

They were taping for an upcoming show, there was a film crew there flying a Drone with a video camera attached over the line of people outside, if you watch the series featuring the Nashville store be sure and check to see if you can see us in line!


  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun going on!!! Such a great time of year to do some "road trippin"!! Have a great time and thanks for sharing the pictures. Makes me feel like I have a back seat view just like going along with you!!! Relax and enjoy all ur time together!!!

  2. Thanks Deb! It was very interesting to see the things they pick. It would be fun to have some of this stuff in the basement wouldn't it?!


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