Monday, April 15, 2013

How I fixed a shrunken shower curtain:(

I got one of my mundane projects done today, the remake of a shower curtain. I had made my last one out of a linen tablecloth, a vintage tablecloth so you would think that it couldn't shrink anymore. Well, I washed it and dried it, and it shrank. So I was on the search for a new one, I found one online that I loved but it cost more than I wanted to spend so I found one that someone was selling on eBay. It was used but the seller said that although it was in excellent shape she just wanted a new one. I bought it, half the price with the shipping. When it arrived it was in excellent shape and I was thrilled, hung it up, too short. Way too short! So, I figured out a way to make it work after all I couldn't have sold it that way as I have a conscience.

I simply cut part of the ruffle off the top and added it to the bottom

It was 6" too short 

The ruffle has beautiful embroidery and it is made out of 100% cotton (why it shrunk so much)

The embroidery ran horizontally giving me the perfect guide to make the cut

Ta Da! Maybe I should have made it a little shorter to accommodate my fluffy rug! 

Makes me feel better that I didn't waste my money!!

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