Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bar floor is painted!!

It's been awhile since I've written a post but there hasn't been much to write about lately, as you know I have been nursing a few pains this last week, but I think I'm up and running again, although not literally! I don't really know what happened, I was going out to do a little shopping a week ago Saturday, it was a gorgeous day and I needed some sunshine and fresh air. By the time I got to my destination my arm started aching and I couldn't take a deep breath!! It was like the pain you get when you run awhile, everytime I would try to inhale a sharp pain shot through my abdomin. I don't know if it was pleurisy or what but it hurt so bad I had to go back home. Once I got there I was almost doubled over. That pain is gone but the shoulder/arm still has some residuals. That pain I can live with but this breathing issue was making me mad! It's #%&% to get old, and I think since it was my right arm that hurt it had something to do with all the painting and sanding and varnishing  that I did earlier that finally caught up with me. I guess it just goes along with growing older:( Far be it from me to go see a doctor, I just knew they wouldn't be able to do much for it so opted to wait it out. In my defense, however, I had a commitment to babysit for my grandchildren two days last week, so there was no time for a doctors appointment. Of course this can't happen any other day when I have nothing to do!

So, while I did get out to do some shopping this last Saturday, my husband prepped the bar floor for painting and I got it done today. It looks so nice (even if it is Greenbay Green!!!) Now the next step is to get the ceiling in and bring in the refrigerator, then figure out how to hang the mirrors and shelves. That will have to wait for awhile, I want the floor to cure good before we walk on it.

We did get our bar stools ordered and they will be in by the middle of April, so our timing is good. Rick wants to install a bar along the front for people to put their feet on too. So there is still quite a bit to do yet but I won't post any more pictures until it is completely finished, I promise! I just had to share pictures of the floor though, I know Rick is ecstatic to pay tribute to his beloved Packers! My dad, who was THE #1 Packer fan of all time would have LOVED this area of the basement, although he didn't drink, he would have revelled in the green and gold!
We will think of you dad everytime we belly up!

These are the "before" pictures
(You can see Rick couldn't wait to get his beer sign hung!)

Rick cleaned the cement with an acid cleaner to etch it so the paint would adhere

And here are the "after" pictures!

I used a 1-part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor paint from Behr, and they tinted it with their Team colors!

So far, so good! Slow and steady wins the race!!!


  1. Anonymous4:24:00 PM

    It's gorgeous! Cannot wait to see the finished product.
    Hey, just a suggestion, but have you considered seeing a chiropractor about that pain? It sounds mysteriously like something I had at one time, and it still flares up occasionally. A good doc can do wonders.

  2. I know Nancy, Rick and I haven't needed a chiropractor so we don't have one, you can bet I will be shopping around for a good one after this week! Thanks:) I knew a medical doctor would have just gave me meds and sent me home. I ate Ibuprofen!

  3. Anonymous8:49:00 AM

    I love the look and great job done. Can't wait to have a beer down there, next year. Deb and I won't have far to crawl to bed this year.

  4. Lol Max, now if we get the bathroom finished down there you won't have to crawl upstairs to the potty!

  5. Anonymous12:18:00 PM

    That sounds even better.Lol


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