Friday, March 22, 2013

Painting is done, time to decorate for Easter!

My room is painted, the house is clean, now I'm ready to get back into doing some fun things! It's been awhile, and I have some things on hold that I want to get back to once this weather straightens up. It's just too cold to work in the garage, even though it's heated, it's not warm enough for me!

Anyway, until then, I have been getting my house ready for Easter. I don't have many decorations, mainly because I don't want to store any more than I have to. What I do have I just rearrange in a different way every year until I get tired of them then I will go out and buy a few new things.

What little I do have belonged to my mother-in-law, things that she kept that belonged to my husband and I love paying homage to her and putting them out. I'm sure it brings back a few memories for my husband, fond memories of when he was a boy and of his mother. We lost Vernita unexpectedly in July, 2010. So, I love that I remember her every time I look at them. The other items are just things I picked up here and there, I really don't go out shopping for Easter decorations, if I see something I think will look cute I buy it just to have something for this important holiday.

My fireplace mantle is decorated with the things Rick had as a child. The two paper mache' bunnies on both ends were Rick's, they are a little ragged looking from being packed and repacked away but I still love to look at them.

On closer inspection you can see the wear they have suffered over 50 years!

This is a musical Easter basket that belonged to my husband as well, sorry to say that it's no longer musical!

My brand new battery operated candles that my husband bought me at BJ's wholesale club! I saw these at Christmas time and they were $34.00 a piece, I didn't want them that bad, so I passed. BJ's had two for $34.00 so Rick thought I needed them, he knows how much I love candles but has the same fear that I do, forgetting to blow them out. Now I can enjoy candle lite without burning the house down. Thanks honey! They honestly look like a REAL burning candle, sometimes I have to look twice because I think I've left them lit.

My large cloche is new and I have it filled with real dried grass, eggs (guords that look like eggs) that I purchased off eBay, I have had these for quite a while.

The ceramic chick and the bunnies belonged to my mother-in-law too, so cute.

I cute idea to display some painted wooden Easter eggs that I have had for years but never displayed.

I don't even know where I got them, but I loved them so I had to have them.

Sorry my pictures are a little dark, it's morning here in Ohio but it's a very dismal day, makes for good candle lit pictures though!

And a couple of resin bunnies that I bought at Walmart a couple of years go are perched on top of my buffet in the foyer.


  1. Anonymous6:49:00 PM

    Your house looks so beautiful! I don't have much for Easter, especially since St. Patrick's Day is such an event for our family. Most of what I have works for both.
    I remember Vernita; she was a feisty one! Lovely of you to have remembrances of her; it made me smile.

  2. Thank you Nancy, I loved Vernita like she was my own mom and it keeps her memory alive living with some of her treasures. And yes, she was a feisty one, I loved it!


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