Thursday, March 7, 2013

And it's back to the old grindstone!

Ok, my grandson left yesterday after spending the weekend and the better part of this week with us so I can now continue working on our bar. I do love when he comes to visit and I put pretty much everything on hold so I can visit and give him my undivided attention while he is here. Soon will come the day when he will be out of school and will move far away from me so I have to make the best of it right now! I cook for him, that's what I do! I make sure he gets his belly full everytime he comes, isn't that what grandma's do? And I take him to his favorite restaurant for his favorite meal, the "Terminator" sub, and I might mention that my eating habits are pretty poor while he is here! My body is always glad to get back to my normal eating routine once he's gone!

Logan with his "Terminator"!

Today I put the second coat of poly on the bottom of the bar, I only do sections at a time since the smell is so bad and there isn't any ventilation in the basement. I do have to go and get some more urethane and continue tomorrow. It looks so nice and I can't wait to share pictures when it's done.

Once I'm done I can move on to the floor which I am going to paint. I also have to do a little touch ups on the wall paint since I got a few stain smudges on it.

So that's where I'm at for now, sorry I haven't been posting, some things are just more important!

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