Friday, February 1, 2013

My visit to Restoration Hardware......sigh:)

    I thought I would share a few pictures that I took at our visit to Restoration Hardware on Tuesday. I only got a few shots but I wanted to share the lusciousness!

  Another furniture store that I absolutely love is Arhaus and there is one right next door to Restoration Hardware. How lucky can I be! I was in heaven because I don't get up here much to check out what's new. You know that I don't shop in traditional furniture stores, but these two would be the exception to the rule,  I love everything about these great and beautiful stores. 

 If you are not familiar with Restoration Hardware, it used to be a catalog that you could order reproductions of old style fixtures if you were renovating an old house. You could order anything from hinges, iron floor registers, door knobs, you name it, they had it. But they have gotten away from that and it has evolved over the years to what it is today, simple, beautiful, large scale furniture.

 Less is more at Restoration Hardware, but every piece in that store makes a statement. I love it because it's like no other furniture store. The furniture is large, too large for my home, and it's a little more on the masculine side with leather, wood and iron. But along with that they have the most beautiful bedding and window treatments, the colors are muted and very warm, and made from gorgeous linen which softens the look. And even though the furniture at Restoration Hardware is a bit  more masculine, if you paired anything in that store with some of the softer things you can buy at would be my dream home!!

 Since I don't shop in traditional furniture stores, I can't tell how the prices compare to the others but I would be willing to spend the higher price for the furniture in these stores before any other.

I love the two chandeliers that you see here, the round globe looking ones! They are gorgeous! I love the soft wrinkled look of the linen on this couch.

I love the fabrics Restoration Hardware uses, very organic, soft looking, soothing colors.

This mirror is huge and quite a statement piece! I love it.

You can see the duvet cover is made of linen, I love the look and feel.

These chairs are just gorgeous! I love everything about this place!

Large scale table with linen slip-covered dining chairs.

Restoration Hardware also has a line of paint, and the colors coordinate with all of their linens. And that clock.......

Check out the headboard on this bed, I didn't take very good pictures, I was afraid of getting caught! Maybe I should have just asked!

Again, love the chairs and this mirror is amazing...........and large!

Great looking "drum" shades on these chandeliers!
The colors that are dominate in their paint and furniture line are creams, grays, taupes and dusty purple. Everything coordinates so well together, using natural elements in their decor, just the way I like it! It is such a warm and inviting combination.This store is so beautiful and I can't wait to go back.


  1. Anonymous8:07:00 AM

    That's a place that looks like you could just move right in, doesn't it? I've never been in Restoration Hardware, but used to get their catalog. Now that's a great place to go for inspiration!

  2. I used to get their catalog too, so I was confused at first when I heard people rant about their furniture styles! Of course I didn't know their format had changed so I was more than pleasantly surprised when I googled them and found all this beautiful furniture! I do go to get inspiration for my own home, my mind is reeling by the time I leave!


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