Friday, January 18, 2013

While I work on my next resolution, Rick will be working on the bar!

Since I won't have the time to work on any projects at the moment, I am going to be writing about other things that I think you will find interesting. As you know, I am working on my New Year's resolutions and I did get one of those resolutions finished, cleaning and organizing my basement and office. The next resolution was to paint my husband's home office, get or make new curtains for it, and reorganize it to give him more work space. This doesn't happen very often but I have found the perfect opportunity to get started. He has Monday off so we have a three day weekend to our advantage, since I need him around to move furniture.

While I am painting he will be working on the unfinished bar! Yay! All he has to do is build a soffit with can lights above the bar, he should be able to get that finished in a day. After that, I take over by filling in cracks and nail holes, sanding and staining and varnishing the whole thing. When all of that is finished, I can paint the wall and the floor and the bar area will be finished! It's been a long time coming! I think one of the reason's we keep putting it off is because the next step is sanding and I hate to sand and I hate the dust. But...........we need to get this done, we have a vacuum that is hooked up to a dust system so I can only hope it isn't too bad when it's all done!

2013 is the year of getting stuff done!

This is the bar as it looks now, Rick has built this all himself and has done a great job!

We used vinyl tiles inside the bar and grouted them just as you would ceramic tiles.

After Rick gets the soffit built and hung, it will be my job to fill holes, sand, stain and varnish everything

The soffit will go right above the bar area here and house some can lights, we didn't want hanging lights to obstruct our view of the tv area.

After the staining and varnishing is all done then I will paint the walls and the floor.

It will be so nice to have this finally completed! Maybe we will have a party, too bad it won't be done for Superbowl Sunday, but that's is asking a little too much! We will be doing good if we get the soffit built AND hung this weekend!


  1. Anonymous6:42:00 PM

    Looks amazing already, Rhonda! You're so right; Rick did a fabulous job on that bar. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. Funny how our thoughts and actions go hand in hand even long distance!! We got our basement primed, and two coats of paint this past week. Randy did hire Ivan to put our bar together. We are using the old oak flooring from that house next door that we tore down on our bar. Ivan used a planer on all of the pieces, so I will also stain and varnish it when it is done. Ivan got the top done yesterday. It will be beautiful. He is coming today (Sunday) to work on the rest of the front and sides of it. I will post pics too!! We also can't wait to have a party. Hopefully the next Iowa trip will include a few "drinks" at our bar. Us girls will wait till this fall to belly up to yours!!! Enjoy!

  3. We do think alike! I think it's awesome that you are using that old wood for your bar! It's going to look beautiful. You can send me before and after pictures! And it will be great to "christen" both bars with good friends!


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