Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's always something!

I have been working feverishly on my basement and office since we returned home from Iowa, everytime I think I would get something clean I would have another arm load to take to the basement! I didn't really eliminate a lot of totes like I thought I would but at least now everything is where it should be. Well, except for my office!

I got most things sorted and put away in a spot where I can get to it but I still haven't found any containers to put things in. I haven't been shopping at all to look and I haven't found any unused containers that would work. So, I guess it is still a work in progress, which I think it may always be that way! I just (still) have too much stuff.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get some pictures to you but I had to stop in the middle of things and wash all of my bedding. My beloved dog, Lucy Mae, had gotten on my bed (she loves all the cushy pillows) and bled all over them! I searched all over her little body to find out where the blood was coming from, I looked at her feet, between her toes, all over and couldn't find a thing. Then she looked up at me and I noticed a nice pink spot on the tip of her black nose, she had a patch of skin gone! I don't know how that happened but when she does climb up to get comfy she nudges the pillows around to make a comfy little nest for herself, her nudging was getting blood everywhere. Sooo, I stripped my bed and washed everything. Not a big deal unless you have a duvet cover on your bed that is the biggest pain to put back on the comforter! I wrestled with that this morning for about 20 minutes until I got it all situated where it needs to be. I would rather take a beating than take off and put on that duvet cover! The saddest part is, I had just washed it before we left on vacation.......round #2!

Anyway, the bedding is clean and the door is now shut so she can't snuggle in my pillows and bleed all over again. We have to wait for her snout to heal before she can snuggle again on my bed!

I sorted through all my stuff to make room for other stuff! My collection of Boyd's bears that my daughters have given as gifts sit on the top shelf so I can always see them. And the collection of patriotic paintings hanging in the corner above my computer were painted by a dear friend who has since passed. I think of him always.

This corner houses all the things I have currently for sell or will sell on Etsy.

The shelving unit you see in the background is my problem. I would like to have some nice storage containers housing what sits on these shelves. The bottom three wooden boxes are full of my paints but I would love to have them on a shelf for easier access. And I always buy inexpensive plastic picnic table clothes at the end of the summer to put on my table to keep it from getting paintier than it already is!

So far, so good. I have a stack of storage containers to the left too but I didn't take pictures of that. They are just full of things that I sorted out and will be put on a summer garage sale. I will be ready to purge again in the spring!


I would love to hear from my readers, I need input so I can post things that interest you. Questions encouraged:)