Thursday, January 17, 2013

Frugal and proud of it!

Frugal: adj. Economical in use or expense; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful

To quote a paragraph from "The Woman's Guide to a Rich Life" iVillage Solutions

  "Isn't the Frugal Woman the old lady who reuses every tea bag five times? The one who "regifts" the junk from the back of her closet and wraps it in newspaper? The one who never spends a dime on anything fun or frivolous and alienates everyone she knows with her miserly ways?"

Just to make it clear..........I am not that person, I want you to know that up front! I love nice things, just like everyone else, I am just a very conscious shopper!
Since I started writing this blog I have been posting about how to decorate on a budget, but there are TONS of blogs on how to decorate on a budget! I follow a few that claim they are "thrifty" but I always come away wondering how the heck you can decorate on a budget when you are changing things in your home every other day! Let me just say that I don't go out and buy things just so I can feature them on this blog. It is hard to come up with ideas to write about when I don't have any current projects for myself. Everything that I post are things that I need for my own home, and I do get a lot of my material from my daughters, who always seem to have projects for me to do! They are very lucky that I beg them to give me something to blog about! I truly do decorate on a budget, not that I have to these days, but I was conditioned to do so since my husband and I didn't have two nickels to rub together when we got married! And I do it because I love to repurpose things and make them look great again!

              I am frugal.....and proud of it!!

The purpose of this post is to tell you that, and this is personal info that I think is important that you know, we don't have any credit cards that we make purchases from, we haven't had any for years. We have one credit card that we use for travel so we don't have to carry cash, but that's it. Everything else we purchase is done with cash or a debit card. How can I write a blog about saving money if I go out and spend needlessly just for the sake of a blog? In this day and age, it is smart to be a sensible shopper and I learned it at an early age!

How did I get the money for my whole house makeover two years ago? If you read back in my past posts you will see that I sold everything that I couldn't use anymore on eBay and made over $3,000.00 to fund this makeover. I can do a whole lot of junkin' with three grand!! I also get money from odd jobs here and there to get the things we need for our home! My daughter and I also have a shop on Etsy that helps a little, but mostly we use that money to support our junking habit! We do love to shop,  and we always buy things for our Etsy store that we can use ourselves, just in case it doesn't sell.

I save money wherever I can, in every aspect of our life. And sometimes you need to spend money to save money, a lot of people just don't get that. And I must say though, that my husband and I get to do a lot of things that most people don't have the luxury of doing. We are traveling more, that is something that we always wanted to do in these early golden years. We don't want for anything and I like to think that I had something to do with that, just by being frugal and living within our means........and JUNKING!


  1. Anonymous5:46:00 PM

    You have a beautiful home, Rhonda, something to be truly proud! Keep doing what you're doing; it's all great.

  2. Thanks Nancy! I am blessed in so many ways!


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