Saturday, January 12, 2013

Doesn't it just figure?

After I busted my buns to get the basement cleaned and JUST finished posting pictures of the clean basement on my blog, I notice the hubby is running around the house like a crazy man hooking up cords, connecting connections, hooking up this and rehooking up that, all in preparation for the guy to install "The Hopper" on Wednesday!!

I'm sitting here on the computer while he is darting here and there and everywhere, then it dawns on me.............."Are you tearing up the basement too?", I said.         


Again...."Are you tearing up the basement too?" Quietly I hear, "Well, I had to take out a few tiles and I have to vacuum." Lol!

Isn't that just the law or something? I mean, I had NO idea it would be so involved.............oh well! Blow it off, that's why we've been married for 39 years..........just blow it off:)


  1. Anonymous6:12:00 PM

    You've had him this long, Rhonda...what the heck. Happy anniversary, honey; I hope you have a lot more!

  2. Really, Nancy, he is the perfect one for me:) I adore him! And I do hope we have many more years together!


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