Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Building and adding the soffit above the basement bar

As you know Rick and I worked on the bar this weekend, well actually, Saturday we spent the morning planning and the rest of the day collecting everything we needed just to get started. By the time we got the planning and shopping done we didn't have time to start the constructing process until Monday (we spent Sunday with family celebrating our January birthdays). But, we got a lot accomplished and that's the important part. I am so happy so far and the more we get done, the more anxious we get to finish it so we can finally use it! I won't get into how long we have been working on this project, it doesn't really matter, when you do these things on your own it just takes time. But I will say I think we may get it done in our lifetime to actually enjoy it!

Meanwhile, in between helping with the sawing and holding stuff so he could nail and screw, I got the painting started in his office. Now this job is going to take longer than it should because I can only do two walls at a time! Because.....he has so much stuff crammed in that small space, and the fact that he has to "go through" all the papers in his credenza before we can move it! Oh the joys!
I am halfway done with half the office, so the house is a mess again! Do we ever really get to enjoy a completely clean and organized home? I can't really say that I do and I'm sure I'm not alone:)

Enough of that, these are the picture I have so far. This is what we got done on Monday:

This is the long shot of the whole bar space. We got as far as putting the bottom part where the lights go all finished. Now, on Saturday if nothing comes up, Rick will wire it and then he can add the "skin" or the plywood up and close it in. That won't take long at all, then I can go in and do all the finish work. I am so proud of my husband for building this, it's exactly how I had it pictured in my mind. Once the bar is done and the walls are painted they can put the ceiling in this other half of the basement. Yay, I can not wait!


  1. Anonymous7:46:00 AM

    Looks like it won't be long at it will be party time at Rick and Rhonda's!!

  2. Come on over Nancy & Randy!!

  3. How high is the soffit above the bar?

  4. looks great, how high is the soffit above the bar?


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