Saturday, January 12, 2013

A few pictures of my (partly) organized basement!

I know you are all waiting for "after" photos of my basement and office and I do have a couple of pictures to share with you. The living area of the basement is as complete as it can be, for now, but my office needs a little tweaking before I take any pictures! I worked my hiney off the last few days trying to get this done because I'm not doing much this weekend! It is a special one for my hubby and I. Today we celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary, so I'm not doing a darn thing except write this post and get ready for a date tonight! Yesterday was my husband's birthday, we did celebrate it a little last night with the home cooked dinner of his choice (Steak & fries:) and a very nice glass of wine. We will celebrate the January birthdays on the 20th with family we have here in Ohio.

 I did get a lot done yesterday, I packed everything  nicely into totes, no more boxes, and labeled them so I know what's inside. The area that makes a nice "storm" shelter under the stairs is all cleaned out so we can actually have a safe place to go if need be. The only thing I have to do now is find some cute storage containers for my office, I would like to repurpose something for this, we throw reusable containers away everyday. I will keep my eyes peeled for ones I can dress up a little. My husband has a few boxes that he has to go through so I can repack what's left in storage containers.

There is still quite a lot to do down there, the left side of the basement isn't completed yet, my husband is building a bar and we want to add a bathroom. We have been picking  items up for the bar here and there and this stuff is stored under the pool table and in boxes waiting to be put away once the bar is done. But that's a whole other post or two!

 For the most part, with what I have to work with right now, the basement is clean and organized.

Three reasons for wanting to get this job done:

1. To throw away what we don't need and get organized
2. To clean the "storm" shelter in case we need it. My grand kids are here often and I wanted to make sure I had a safe place for us to go, it really bothered me that grandma didn't have a safe space for us in case of a bad storm.
3. To find a spot for all of our existing stuff so we can work on our bar and get it finished and finally get a bathroom put in down there, it's been a work in progress for far too long! My husband is quite the handy man/carpenter and has done all the bar work in his spare time.....which isn't much! But those two projects I will save for future posts!

I am so happy, I LOVE organization ( couldn't have thought that by the looks of my office:) Everything is in easy to find places and the basement is clean. My office looks pretty good too, compared to what it was! That room will always be a work in progress, I wonder how long it will stay looking this nice!

Here are a few pictures of the right side (the cleaned area) of the basement!

We still have to put trim down in these rooms, I wonder if it will ever get done! I faux painted the walls a few years back to make it look like a "man cave"! My husband has been in charge of decorating this area of the house!

I think Rick has done a pretty good jog of decorating so far! The area in the corner is his "pile" to go through. I come from a Packer loving family and I married one also!

Yup, here's Rick's pile! Old receipts and computer stuff that has been sitting there for a year or better. Blah...
When he goes through this pile and decides what he wants to do with the old computer equip there on the table, the table is going. I sat it down the basement until I decided what I wanted to do with it and my hubby latched onto it, " Wow, a flat surface to set crap on!!" Yay! LOL!

I painstakingly painted the grid and the ceiling tiles one at a time, I did not want a white ceiling! Ignore the missing tiles in the ceiling, my husband is preparing for "The Hopper" coming Wednesday!!

I would like to find a new storage container for the grandkids' toys, something old and rustic looking. I want to get rid of the plastic container, it does nothing for the "look"!
 So, there you have it for now, that's all that I can show you!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I know I will!

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