Saturday, December 1, 2012

My warm Christmas home, 2012

I love it when my house is all ready for Christmas, I have the decorations all in place and the house is clean! Don't you wish it could look like this all the time?! I love Christmas decor, I love everything about it, except for putting it out!! It is quite a chore and this year it took me 3 days to get it cleaned and decorated. I don't have a lot of decorations but I do try to incorporate it into every room of our house, in the form of a little Christmas tree and maybe candle or two. To me Christmas decor just isn't festive unless you have candles, lots of candles. Candles are inexpensive and when you settle down for the evening there is nothing like sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree and a sprinkling of candles! I am going to post pictures of my home in the evening when it looks it's best. Here is my 2012 Christmas home.

A few Santa's sitting around the "family" Christmas tree in Rick's office. The two short fat ones in the lower right are ones that I made years ago.The large one in the left was featured in Early American magazine years ago. It was part of a barter that I made for painting a mural for a friend.

The other side of the "family" tree, an accumulation of Sant'as, the tall skinny ones are ones that I made years ago. The "family" tree is the one that has all of the ornaments that my kids and grandkids made for me. Some are 30 years old.

Even the quest bath gets a tree!

The master bath gets a simple tree decorated with just candy canes.

The pantry.......

The master bedroom tree has a few vintage ornaments that I wouldlove to find more of. I love vintage Christmas decorations!

The guest bedroom gets a little festive treatment....

 and this tree in the guest bedroom is something I made but it needs a little something, it's too bare:( It'll come to me before Christmas gets here!I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was so cute but it looks better on Pinterest! I'll spruce it up with something and repost it when I think of something!  I bought the urn for about $10.00 at my favorite junk shop, it had a price tag on the bottom, $69.00. Love it though after I painted it cream! I tried to take a picture of this in the candlelight but you couldn't see it!

My reading room off the dining area is where I keep my Currier & Ives village

My grandchildren love this:)

Another Santa collection in the hallway

my Nativity scene.......

Those Christmas ornaments that I showed you in an earlier post.....

My pipe cleaner stars

A few pieces of greenery added to the top of the entertainment unit, along with a willowy tree stuck in a silver urn

My little Christmas house.....

My vintage Santa sits next to the foyer to greet guests....

And here's why my grandchildren love the Christmas village! They love playing in it!

So there you have it, it's not fancy but it gives me a warm feeling everytime I settle down for the evening, especially when I have the candles lit and a fire in the fireplace, there's no other place I'd rather be. Christmas in every room and of course it didn't cost me much. I'm frugal remember! The Currier & Ives village I have had for years but I love it, I want to live there!  I bought these pieces after Christmas when they had an 80% discount, so the houses averaged about $5.00 each and I have seven of them, just big enough to make a cute little display. With the exception of some ornaments, everything you see in my Christmas home was either made by me, bought at flea markets or discount stores, after Christmas sales at a huge discount prices, or given to me as gifts.


  1. BEAUTIFUL---I can tell that you really love decorating for the holidays!! I do too and I must agree with you on the ambiance of the lights and candles at evening. Mine are all on timers and they greet me every night when I come inside after work!! Love it! Merry Christmas Rick and Rhonda

  2. Anonymous8:27:00 AM

    You home looks so warm and welcoming, Rhonda. Thank you so much for a peek inside! I love the vintage look you embrace, and most of what I have displayed in my house was made by my mom, sister-in-law, or a friend of mine who crafts. I love seeing that you put something in each room; I do, too!


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