Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yup, got a HUGE computer glitch:(

Well, I must say I have had a stressful week not being able to communicate with people via our landline phone ( that of course won't work when the internet is down) or email! Sometimes I wished we were back in the good ole days when all we had was our trustworthy phones! Oh how dependent we have become to our computers, iPads and smartphones!

Usually it makes no difference to me, but this week I had an offer from a woman who was interested in hiring me to help her in her decorating business. I got a phone call from her and that's as far as it got! She has wanted to get together to discuss business but we can't connect!  I sent her emails that were not getting sent so I was reduced to sending her texts to give her my cell phone number so she could at least get ahold of me that way. The whole thing is rather bizarre, I could get emails on my iPhone but couldn't send them. Sometimes I had Internet connection for like 10 minutes then I would lose it again. This has been going on for days! My husband finally called our Internet carrier and I still don't know if it's fixed! My iPad works but my iPhone does not! I have been playing musical technical devises for almost a week now and I have a headache!

I also have been hired to paint a box like you see in the picture above (some good news about the technical glitch.....I finally learned how to post an image on my iPad from the web!!) anyway, I have a question for the person who hired me to paint this box but I can't get ahold of her:( I AM SO STRESSED!! Of course this only happens when I get a chance to make a little money doing what I love most!!

Anyway........Anne, if you are reading my blog tonight....I have not been ignoring you! We will get together and talk!

As far as my image at the top of this post......I am so proud that I learned something new tonight, I'm just going to leave it on! I did plan on writing a blog showing the process I went through to paint it but all of the pictures I took are downloaded to my sick computer. So that will be a future post I guess.

I usually write blogs from my computer, but since it is down I will be blogging from my iPad:) bear with me......I am still learning!!

Hopefully we will get this issue resolved real soon.


  1. Anonymous9:44:00 PM

    I can't wait to see the box when you're done with it, Rhonda! So sorry about the technology letting you down~

  2. Thanks Nancy! It can be frustrating to say the least, we'll get it worked out:)

  3. Take a deep breath---let it out!! And if that doesnt work--IT IS 5 O CLOCK SOMEWHERE!! LOL

  4. Lol! Deb, I didn't break out the wine....yet!


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