Saturday, November 10, 2012

Taking a breather with a little shopping therapy!

I took a break today, after spending the good part of last week painting the candle box I needed to get away for awhile. I went shopping for a few things I need for a couple of Christmas decorations I plan on making. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and after that I start decorating for Christmas. If I take all the time to decorate for Christmas I want it up for awhile!

I was a little amazed at the amount of people that were shopping today. Usually the mall is dead, but today you'd think it was black Friday. Everywhere I went there were people out and about and I overheard several people talking about their Christmas lists. I actually went to find a couple of pairs of pants that are more presentable for church and though I didn't have much luck the sales were amazing! No wonder people were shopping, that, and the fact that it was an absolutely beautiful day! It felt good though to be around so many people out supporting the economy! I did find a Christmas gift that was on my list too.

I have been looking for new ideas for my home for Christmas this year. I am all about simplicity and since I've repainted and redecorated my home I do need a few new things. All of my Christmas decorations are so old but if you followed my blog last season you will know that I repainted alot of my Christmas ornaments or repurposed them in some way. Just remember before you get rid of things, think of how you can repurpose them.

One year I bought a whole bunch of beautiful fruit ornaments at Hobby Lobby, it was after Christmas and they were 80% off! Practically free! I repainted them and covered them with glass glitter and they were perfect for my new decor. I also decoupaged some with newspaper and again added glass glitter to them. I repurposed all of the ornaments that I had. So this year I don't need any ornaments but I do need a few new things to set around. We will see what I come up with, I hope they turn out! I hate to go to all the trouble and not have it look good!

Anyway, I will be getting ready for Thanksgiving and in my spare time I will be working on some new things to share.

I also want you to note that I have included the link to my website at the top of my blog. And I also added the link to my facebook page with the same name.

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