Friday, November 9, 2012

Second to the last step on the candle box!

The candle box is it's second to the last phase of being done. I have finished painting it this afternoon and now I will let it sit for awhile for the paint to cure good. The next step will be to distress it a little bit and antique it. I love the design of this little box and when I show you the finished product I will tell you an amazing little trivia about this box. I think you will appreciate it just a little more!

The front of the box

The lid of the box is what took the most time, as you can see it's very detailed and this box isn't very big, it measures 8" wide by 6" deep by 6" tall.
I had a little trouble deciphering the colors because when I made the picture of it bigger it was a little fuzzy. This is what I came up with. The box is Circa 1840 so I guessed that the original red, white and blues in the box were highly faded.

It is decorated on all sides, although I don't know that about the original as there was no picture of the back.

And this is the back of the box.

The colors are very bright now but when I get it finished you will see the difference that a little antiquing can make.

I am so glad to be almost finished with this but when I put so much time and effort into something I am always sad to see it go. But I take plenty of pictures to remember them by!

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