Sunday, October 14, 2012

My slipcovers are finished!!

Well, I can't believe it myself but the slipcovers are finished! I LOVE them! Definitely worth that hard work and fabric hunting. Let me know what you think?

This chair is where I got the inspiration for the slipcovers, this image came from Pinterest

And here are my slipcovers, I have two chairs in the Master bedroom and I made slipcovers for both!

The original slipcovers had doilies sewed into them as part of the slipcover. It was hard for me to figure out where I would incorporate doilies on these slipcovers so I opted not to sew them in, instead I just layed a doilie across the top.

I also made the ruffle on the bottoms of the chair long enough to dust the floor. I just thought it would look cuter!

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