Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amazing how a vacation can clear your head!

Well, I have been back for a few days but I have been busy doing all the things you need to do when you go away for a little bit. I did get my bench cushion made today but I really want to take pictures of it all dressed up and in the house. The hubby is away and I can't carry it in the house by myself! I will have it brought in from the shed on Saturday and will post pictures of it then.

I did make the cushion out of the fabric that I showed you, initially I thought I should use some of  the beautiful vintage fabric and lace that I have. But after thinking about it awhile I decided that I shouldn't cover the cushion with my vintage and antique lace, but to cover the bench with pillows that I made using them. So, not only did I get the bench done but I have been busy making a few pillows this week as well. So, I have been busy! I am stuffing one of my pillows tonight and sewing them closed and, like I said, I want to dress the bench up before pictures.

I am very proud of this piece, it turned out better than I ever thought it would. And covering the cushion.........well, I still don't know how I did it. I was thinking to myself while I was sewing it together that I will be ripping this all out and starting over. But to my amazement (because I never use patterns and I always use my own techniques whenever I sew) it turned out great!! My first time covering a cushion! So I am pretty proud of the whole darn thing!

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