Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inexpensive Room Redo's

I decided that I needed to clean house a little today, it needs it from time to time! I could see dust bunnies rolling around on my wood floors! I got the Empire table all stripped yesterday and was going to give it a coat of stain today but realized that I didn't have the color I need. And since I like to do all my running at one time I decided I would clean today and run errands tomorrow. I couldn't stand the house even one more day! I have to make a run to my favorite used furniture store to see if they are interested in a few pieced of furniture that we now need to get rid of! I was going through old magazines and stuff today and found tons of ideas for my house! Does the madness ever stop??! Anyway, I thought about ideas on what you can do to refresh your own home and ran across these ideas to share.

1. Paint.........whether it's a room that needs a fresh coat or a piece of furniture. As I have told you
    before, paint is still the cheapest, easiest way to transform anything! Giving a tired old chair a pop 
    of fresh color will add a lot to a room!

2. Getting rid of clutter............get some decorative boxes to house some of the stuff you have sitting
    around. I just housed all of my magazines in my new entertainment center and got rid of a tote that
    was just sitting there because I didn't have the heart to throw them out yet! Beautiful baskets can
    be a place to store your children's toys that always seem to make their way down from their rooms!
    Keeping a lidded basket close by gives them a place to keep those toys that they play with the

3. Replacing fabric on upholstered dining room chairs can make the whole room look new!  
    It's an easy project and can bring a tired piece quickly up to date! Depending on the fabric
    you choose, you can create looks from modern to traditional. Add a decorative runner in a 
    complimentary color and you will have a whole new dining room for under $100.00! If you 
    don't have upholstered chairs, add chair pads to give it a new look!

4. Replacing accessories that you have had for awhile. You know those throw pillows, you don't even
    notice them anymore. Get rid of them and add new along with a couple of beautiful throws to
    drape across the furniture! I got a new throw for Christmas and I recently bought a couple of new
    incredibly soft pillows to go in the reading room, now I need to take the time to read! Even a
    few new throw rugs would look fresher!

5. Get rid of the old moldy shower curtain and get a fresh new one! Use a spring loaded one for the
    vinyl curtain and add another one just outside of it and add some beautiful floor length curtains!
    Buy a couple of lush, cushy towels and there you have it! A new bathroom!

6. And for the kitchen I suggest just getting some new hardware for the cabinets, new faucet for the
    sink or new light fixtures! Some lighter, brighter flowy curtains would look beautiful also, I love
    the look of fresh window coverings, gives your home a cottage feel!

I have to make a list of the fabrics I need also, I am hoping to get some sewing done before Spring. But that is a project for the future!

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