Monday, February 27, 2012

Another super busy weekend!

So sorry I haven't written in a while, we have been super busy with family! Last week we had our 4 month old grandson from Thursday night to Saturday at noon! I was so tired by the time he left that all I wanted to do was take a nice long nap! It's funny how taking care of a little one reminds us how old we are, they are a lot of work! But we did have a great time bonding with our new little guy! Then yesterday I had to go to JoAnn's fabrics because they were having their 50% off of all pillow forms and I needed some to finish some projects I have been working on to sell in LuLee Mae's.
Speaking of the eBay store, if you have visited it in the last 24 hours you will have seen that I have a sofa and two leather recliners for sale!!! It was never my intention to sell upholstered furniture in the store but I am doing this as a favor to a neighbor. She asked me if I would try to sell her sofa for her and then her sofa turned into a sofa and two leather know where I'm going with this. This is a one time deal, once it's done it's done. Not that I won't eventually sell furniture in the store, my idea is to eventually sell some of my painted pieces, but not reupholstered sofas! Carrie and I set up the ebay store to use as an outlet to sell some of the great things we run across on our junking trips. And we never intended to sell things for other people, so once the sofa and chairs are done we won't be selling stuff like this again.
Today my hubby and I tried to repost the photos of the refinished dresser that my friend sent me but it just wasn't working. So I contacted her and asked her to resend them to me in an email. She sent the last ones via facebook and we just couldn't download them. I will repost as soon as she gets time to resend, I really want you to see this beautiful dresser and I have had requests to see it also.

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