Thursday, January 5, 2012

Successful junking in Iowa!

The hubby and I drove up through Spirit Lake, Iowa today and did a little junking, we found a little antique/junkshop and although I didn't purchase anything in there the gentleman that owned the store was very friendly! We must have stood in there for 45 minutes just listening to all of his stories! I love Iowa people, warm and friendly and always wanting to make conversation! Then we drove along to Okoboji, Iowa and found an antique shop there. Again, same thing, the gentleman that was working in there started making conversation and my husband stayed and visited with him so I could look around! I found a large beautifully ornate picture frame (you all know how I love old frames!) and it was in a booth that was 50% off everything.........bonus! In the same booth I found another small frame for my new grandson's picture. I also found a two small ironstone plates that I plan on making something out of. Then as I was ready to leave I spotted an old piece of floral redwing piece that matches a bowl that I have at home! I had pretty good luck in there, they had some beautiful stuff! My hubby kept the keeper of the shop busy long enough for me to find all these goodies! What wonderful people we met today! And as we made our way down to Spencer, Iowa, we stopped at a shop in Milford and that's where I found the bargains! I bought a wonderfully large ironstone pitcher with great old patina for $1.50 a smaller ironstone pitcher for $1.50 and an old tin mold that I plan on putting berries and pinecones in next Christmas (see I'm already thinking about decorating for next year!). That gem was $1.00, I did good in that little shop! When I went shopping here in E'burg yesterday I found a few items that I plan on making something with but it has to wait until I get back home. I will feature it in a near future post! So, I did find a lot of treasures while I was back and I found tons of antique shops for future visits! And the best part of the day was meeting such wonderful Iowa folk...........gosh I miss living here!

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