Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping for a price friendly entertainment wall unit!

I have got so much to do now that I'm finally home! The house is a wreck cluttered with all the stuff I accumulated on our trip and Christmas decorations! I can't put anything away until the decorations are down!! I got the laundry caught up yesterday and I did get all my treasures cleaned and a few put together but today I have got to get groceries! No food in the house! But while I'm out and about I am going to visit my favorite used furniture stores. I feel a little pressured now that the husband found an entertainment unit that he liked, now I have to go check to see if there is anything a little less primitive out there. I did some research last night and checked to see how much a complete wall unit cost in a traditional furniture store! Seriously I was blown away!! And even though I thought the one in Shipshewana was pricey, it paled in comparison! I'm talkin $3,000-5,000! You all know that I don't shop in these stores and I am reminded why! You'd have to live with a piece that cost that much forever! I can do way better than that! So come along with me on my quest to find an entertainment center that suits what I am willing to spend! What I really loved about the primitive piece was that it was primitive, love these pieces. I loved that it was made up of three pieces that could be separated but you couldn't tell by looking! I guess I loved the price:) I loved that it was real wood. The only way that I could make it look less primitive is by painting it (sigh)! The owner of the shop was ready to move it because she immediately did better on the price without any coaxing from us. Now I feel pressured into researching because the next person that walks in the shop may buy it! So here I go, I'm gonna do a little shopping today!!

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