Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The project I made with those beautiful glass plates!

Remember those 5 pieces I bought in E'burg? This is what I needed them for! Please tell me what you think!

I bought this household super glue, it says on the label that it is dishwasher safe (not that you could put this in the dishwasher or even submerge it in water!) but becaused I have never done anything like this before and didn't really know what I was doing, I assumed it was safe for cleanup with water.

Look at the detail on this plate! I loved it! Anyway, take the very top plate and lay it upside down (perferrably on paper, I always get anxious!)

Take the shorter of the glass candle holders and apply a generous amount of glue on the top of it but don't let it drip. Then center it upside down onto the bottom of your top plate. This takes awhile to dry so I put something heavy on it and walked away for about an hour.

Now on the bottom of the same candle holder, apply another generous amount of glue. Take your middle plate and holding it upside down center it on that. Centering these pieces is the hardest part of this whole project! You don't want a lopsided stand! Hold it down tight without moving it, it will slip if you don't apply light pressure on it. Then walk away for another hour. I recommend using pieces that have a flat surface, nothing with a scalloped edge.

Set the largest plate right side up on the table and apply glue to the bottom of your tallest candle holder, center it and again apply pressure straight down for about 2 minutes, set something heavy (I used a heavy book) on the top and let dry another hour. Lastly, you put glue around the top of this candle holder and set the two plates that are glued together right side up, apply a little pressure and set the book on top to make sure it sticks good. I let this set overnight to make sure it was good and dry.

Voila' Isn't this gorgeous?!

I especially loved that the bottom plate is round, the middle is roundish/square, and the top one is square! I didn't even notice that when I purchased them!

You can see that these pieces are etched delicately which catches the light and makes them even prettier!

I will use this at Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving to set cupcakes and candies! The middle plate is green but it isn't noticable in these pictures. I thought this would be a great use of all those lonely pieces of glassware, you know the beautiful plate that you only have one of! And what a way to keep those beautiful plates that are heirlooms. You can use those beautiful floral plates to make it a little Shabby! Wouldn't they be lovely on a bridal or shower table filled with those oh so cute cupcakes you can buy now?! You can also set them in the bathroom and fill them with beautiful soaps, put jewelry on it etc! And these are great space savers for your holiday tables! This is one project that I will be using for gift ideas as well! I'm sure my girls will want one, it has so many uses! And I need to remind you that it cost me $9.00 for the glassware and $4.00 for the glue!

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