Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our New Entertainment Unit!

 This is our new entertainment center!! I love this piece because once I get it painted it will be exactly what I wanted, a very large piece for a very long wall. This unit is about 11 1/2 feet long and 8 feet tall so it is going to fill up our space perfectly and give it the balance that the great room needed! The middle piece is where the TV will sit and below that is a faux fireplace!! It was so cozy looking in the little shop where we got it, there were electric logs sitting in the bottom and there is an arm that swings out and it had an old iron pot on it! This would be perfect in someone's room who longs for a fireplace! However, as cute as that all is, we don't need it. We have a fireplace and I will be taking the arm off and in it's place we are putting a shelf along there to house all the TV gadgets.

 I went to Lowe's today to check paint colors and now I have to decide what color it should be! My husband asked if I was going to paint it white because he said, "You have painted everything in the house white!" Well, after much deliberating I decided to paint it Dove White:) It's hard for him to see where I'm going with this, but in the end I hope it is everything that I invision! Another reason I love this piece is because it runs the same height all the way across so I can set more treasures!!! I will keep you posted and take pictures as I go!

This area looked so great with the faux logs!

And the swing arm that holds an old iron pot! That spot you see by the opening for the cords is just a spot that the builder sanded down, in this photo it looks like a huge gaping hole!

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