Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Loving my hometown visit!!

My hubby and I have been back in our home town in Iowa visiting grandchildren, friends and relatives for the last week. I love coming back here to visit, we spent the evening with friends last night and had such a great time! I grew up in Emmetsburg, Iowa and I love driving around looking at my schools, houses and parks in town. Funny how everything looks so small now, I used to think our high school was so big! I am spending time with a friend that still lives here, we have been best friends for 52 years, since kindergarden! Having friends like these are truly a blessing in my life and goes to show you that even though we live 800 miles apart our friendship has endured and is as strong or stronger that it has ever been! Now that our week is about to come to an end and will be time to head home I am going to take the time to check out the flea market and two consignment shops that are here in town to see if I can find something awesome! It's going to be a lazy shopping day walking from store to store just soaking in all this small town loveliness...........something I miss terribly!

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