Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's in, all I have to do is decorate it up nice!

Well, it has been one busy weekend for us! We got the entertainment center moved in Friday night, the hubby got all the cables hooked up to the TV and surround sound on Saturday and then we had two grandchildrencome spend the night with us! Today is my birthday so I am not doing a darn thing, except write this post before I put my jammies on and settle in to watch movies for the rest of the evening! I am tired of thinking right now and I just want to chill out:) 

We went to church this morning and then my hubby took me for lunch and shopping, I was looking for stuff to set on top of this entertainment unit. I do have a few things sitting up there now but I need a few more things to tweek it and make it right. I didn't find one darn thing though, take that back..... hubby bought us matching coffee mugs and I got a new paper towel holder:) Anyway, I have to do some serious cleaning this week and while I'm at it I will be looking for just the right stuff to set up on the TV unit.

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