Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait??!

We are having such a cold dreary day today, it's raining/sleeting and everything is covered in a coating of crystal ice! It's a good day to putts around the house looking for homes for things that need a home! I am patiently waiting for my clock to arrive, I have moved my large dough bowl to the other side of the dining area and the spot is just waiting to be filled! Can't wait to see how it's going to look! The glorious entertainment unit is finished! My hubby put some shelves in the bottom section that used to be the faux fireplace area, we needed shelves to house all the TV stuff. It's all painted and ready to be brought in, however, we must wait a few days for the paint to dry really well so the stuff I sit in it and on it won't become permanent fixtures! This is the part I dread, it's ready to go but it's not! Thanks for being so patient with me but I have to do this right..........goodness knows I don't want to paint it again! That was seriously a lot of painting! Anyway, I am redoing a few things that I wasn't happy with before and I am getting ready to sell my large beautiful Cherry entertainment center on eBay! Any takers, it's pick up only. This thing is just so darn heavy and we have no where to put it until it sells! If I can't get any bids on eBay I will ask my local used furniture store to come pick it up! Let the young men carry it out of here! So, that's where we are right now. Literally sitting here watching the paint dry:) Don't worry though, I have plenty of things to write about, I can always talk (blog) decorating! I am posting a few pictures of our entertainment center in case any of you are interested!

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