Monday, January 30, 2012

At last, it is hooked up, decorated and looks fabulous!!

I finally got the entertainment unit painted, distressed and put in place. It is exactly what we needed for that long space! There is so much storage in these pieces I don't even have half of it filled! It makes the perfect storage spot for all of my decorating magazines and children's games. I love it!

This is the picture of the "before" entertainment unit we had in the space, it was dwarfed by the size of the room.


We bought this large entertainment unit in a little primitive shop in Indiana, we were on our way home from our Christmas trip back home to Iowa. So we stopped in to check out what was new, my husband spotted it and said it would be perfect for that long wall in our great room. Great taste he has huh? It's built as three pieces and they set together as one, and if we need to someday, we can use them as separate pieces.

This is what I meant about spending money on statement pieces. Furniture like this sets the tone for your whole house. If you know you are going to have a piece of furniture for awhile it's worth it to spend more on it.

Not only did it add greatly needed storage space inside, but it also gave me a very large flat surface to set other great things....................added bonus!


  1. Anonymous11:13:00 PM

    That looks absolutely stunning! Looks just like a page out of a magazine! P.S. love the collection of oil lamps, too cute!

  2. Lol that is a compliment! Thank you so much! I appreciate the support so much!


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