Thursday, December 29, 2011

So I will be posting on the road for a few days, we have come back to Iowa to see friends and family for the holiday. I won't be able to post pictures of things that I have done because I am using my hubby's laptop this week and I have no pictures stored on his computer!

Anyway, as we were driving today we decided to stop off at Antique Archaeology, the little antique shop in LeClaire, Iowa. If you are familiar with the tv show "American Pickers" on the History channel, you know what I'm talking about! Frank and Mike  weren't there, out picking I'm sure and neither was Danielle, but it was nice visiting the imfamous little antique store and checking out their stuff! My hubby and I are always amazed at the treasures these guys come up with on their trek across the country! I was even more amazed at how small their shop is! LeClair, Iowa is a quaint little river town set right along side the Mississippi River. And even though we have stopped many times to stay at the motel there in LeClair, we have never taken the time to check out this cute little town! There isn't much there but what is there is so adorable! Old brick buildings that now house little shops line both sides of main street that runs adjacent to the river, still decorated with ropes of garland and red bows. I was dying to check them out but we just didn't have the time to visit them today. What we did see as we drove through this sleepy little town were several antique shops, a lot for a town that small, and some other artsy shops that I am sure are worth a look. If all goes well we can stop on the way home to do a little more shopping!

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