Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remaking ornaments to make them work for my new decor!

I have been spending the last few days getting all those little tedious jobs done like wrapping gifts, writing out Christmas cards, I had to decorate the small family tree yet and going through all my decorations and ornaments. As I told you my main Christmas tree in the great room was a little bare so I have been repainting ornaments too! That took longer than I thought but I really couldn't see buying more when all I had to do was repaint the ones I had! I am just painting them cream and sprinkling some glass glitter on them. I have enough gold and silver ornaments so I needed to add some cream in the mix. I had a few apples that I decorated the trees with last year also, they were beautiful metallic reds, bronzes and golds and I decided to do something different with those. I painted them first so the red wouldn't show through then after they dried I decoupaged paper print to them, let them dry again and then I brushed a little modge podge on them and sprinkled them with glass glitter! I only got two done so far but I wanted you to see how they will look. I didn't have to buy anything for these makeovers because I always have this stuff on hand for the grandkids so the cost of 14 ornament redo was $0.00!