Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now's the time to take inventory of your Christmas decor!

Well, another holiday season has come and gone but I am always glad to get things back to normal after months of planning, shopping, decorating and eating!! Although I am sad to see the decorations being taken down yet again, they always make the house look so dressed up, it is nice to get them all put away and start back where I left off before the holidays consumed me! Now is a great time to take inventory of your decorations, things you want to keep and things you want to get rid of. I have several totes full of Christmas decorations but I don't put a lot of them out anymore. There are things that I have had for years that I want to get rid of just because I am simply tired of them. I don't have a personal attachment so if I can't think of an idea on how to repurpose them to reuse next year I will sell them or hand them down to my kids. I did a lot of sorting out when I was decorating the house this year and I have gotten rid of some stuff already but now is the time to shop for the things that you would like to have for next year, with any luck it won't be picked over. I went to Hobby Lobby on the 26th and it was already bare! But I did get some supplies to make some ornaments that I saw this year and got 65% off everything! I also got another Christmas decoration and some candles that were all on clearance ( I also found my Krylon Mirror paint for my mercury glass project too!). Then I went to JoAnn's Fabric's to see what I could find and I got 6 great gold frame ornaments also 65% off! They are adorable little mirrors but I was thinking maybe I could put the grandchildren's pictures in them instead. And since the hubby thought we needed a wreath to hang on our shed door we had to see if we could find something on sale. And even though they had their wreaths on sale for 65% off I decided they still were a little pricey so I just bought some holiday picks and ribbon to make my own next year, all on sale for 65% off! They had their holiday totes on sale as well but I didn't need any more, I have 5 huge totes full of Christmas decor and I won't buy any more than those can hold! Even though I was a little late this year on the whole after Christmas deals, I did find just enough to make the ornaments that I want to make for next year. If you wait just a little longer Hobby Lobby will have it's decor slashed at 90%, that's how I got some awesome fruit ornaments a few years back! The same ones I decoupaged with newspaper in an earlier post!!

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