Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Ornaments from old book pages

My beautiful Christmas tree!!

What you need for this project is an old book, some string or twine, glue gun and some scissors
I think I am done making ornaments for my tree this year, I can't believe I had the time to do this, normally I don't! But it was fun and I think I'm going to make sure I make the time next year as well! It was so relaxing to come down in my basement workshop and just chill and craft! These are two decoration ideas that I wanted to share with you today. I saw this one on some holiday decorating show and thought it was great and didn't cost me a dime to do. I decided I had enough bling on my Christmas tree so I needed a little of me on the tree! I mean, I am not a girly girl so all this glitter and glitz is a real stretch for me! I am going to tone it down a bit with more of an antique element using pages of a book from 1879. The book itself is falling apart but I didn't want to part with it, it has writing in it from years ago from students who used it. It's a 4th grade reading book and it's pages have beautifully yellowed.

carefully tear out the pages and roll them up, add a dab of hot glue to keep the page from coming loose. I wanted these to be permanent ornaments.

Have your cut string ready

to wrap around and tie as tightly as you can without bending the paper.

I added a tiny bit of glue to the bottom so the paper wouldn't slide through.

I made more than this, I already hung some on the tree. Making these out of a music book would look awesome, you could take the pages of Christmas songs and hang them from your tree.
If you click on the photo to get a close up you can see that I picked pages that had key words having to do with Christmas. One says "Smiles" on it, another says "snowman" etc. As you can see this was a super simple idea and though I don't like ripping or throwing away books of any kind, this was one of those things that I just had to do to save some of these great looking pages!

And here they are, I love how they look!

 Here's what I did with all those colored ornaments that I didn't want to use because they were red!

I simply painted them all cream

and sprinkled them with glitter glass! EASY!

I think I did good saving money on my ornaments this year and they look terrific!