Friday, November 25, 2011

Ready to break out the Christmas decor!

Well, another holiday has come and gone, crazy how fast they fly by isn't it'! And if you are anything like me you are thinking about the next holiday before the last one has ended! I usually don't let Christmas overshadow Thanksgiving but I am excited to decorate for Christmas this year. With my antique white walls and furniture I can invision warm glows from my cream colored candles reflecting in my silver, gold, and bronze colored glass ornaments! I have bought a few new things but I really need to take inventory to see if I need anything else. So when I return home I will go through all my Christmas boxes to see what I already have that will work in my new decor. Last year we broke down and bought an artificial tree all pre-lit with white lights, we just got tired of hanging lights from a ladder trying to reach the top of a nine foot tree. I have been searching high and low for an old off white matte lasse coverlet to use as a Christmas tree skirt, I have one that I put a bid in on eBay, let's hope I win it because I am running out of time! I have fallen in love with mercury glass so I picked up a few ornaments for the tree at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! I also bought a few smaller trees to set around the house and an assortment of small ornaments for those. I also want to incorporate greenery with some evergreen and a few poinsettias, we will see. I don't want a whole lot, just enough to make the house look warm and glowy!