Friday, November 11, 2011

I need to go on a nature walk to find some natural decor for fall!

Our weather turned cold here all of a sudden, it went from beautiful 65 degrees to 45 with a little wind mixed in! I posted some ideas to you on how to decorate for the upcoming fall holiday but I haven't decorated myself yet. I guess I need to go on a nature walk to find some of the things I need to fill my glass candle holders. I had an appt. today so I stopped in at the Home Goods store and there wasn't anything there that hit me, but then most everything they had in there was Christmas decorations. They did have some plastic (or whatever) acorns but seriously, I'm not paying that price for fake acorns! I also stopped in the new Marshall's store that just opened up close to where I live. Same thing, only Christmas stuff, thanksgiving is getting past over even more these days, now it goes from Halloween to Christmas! Anyway, I need to take the time to go for a walk and find some things to decorate for the season even though it will be gone before we know it! I am not having Thanksgiving at my house this year anyway, I suppose that's another reason for my lagging! As soon as I go on that nature walk I will post pictures of what I came up with!

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