Saturday, November 19, 2011

Buffet is finished!

I got my buffet finished this week and I really love it painted white! I think it shows the detail so much more and just doesn't look as heavy. I love it. I get flack for painting a beautiful piece of oak furniture, and an antique no less. Some of you are probably wondering why I didn't refinish it instead, I have refinished a lot of furniture in my day and the results are always beautiful, but I bought this piece specifically to paint an off white. Before I painted it, I "painted" on rubber cement glue around some of the edges, I wanted it to look like the paint was chipping off in areas. After I'm done putting the glue on all the areas that I wanted to "chip" I let it dry over night and then painted over it. I gave it two coats of the creamy white. When it's dry I will take a dry rag and rub the areas where the glue was and it will peel right off. I think this technique works really well to achieve that "chippy" look that I want, and it's so easy. You can add as much glue as you need depending how chipped up you want your piece to look. 

This is the picture I took of the buffet before I rubbed all the rubber cement off underneath the paint. I wanted you to see how it looked before and after.