Friday, October 14, 2011

Remaking my window shades and hanging new curtains

The weather has been very rainy this week, fall is definitely here! Although it's my favorite time of year, it just came way too early this! Where does the time go? I guess that's what happens when you have an extremely busy summer. Every weekend has been full and it seems we just can't get anything done. Yesterday and today I have been busy working on getting my window treatments finished. Last week I took all my window shades down and removed the lining, this week I am stapeling them just to make sure they are more sturdy. This may sound nuts to you but I knew I could get more life out of these shades, we paid too much to just throw them in the garbage. I also washed all my new curtains and removed all the tabs so I could hang them using the rings so they are easier to open and close. After ironing them I hang them up, mark them to hem, hem them and hang them back up!! I only finished 4 panels yesterday so I will be spending the whole day hemming and hanging curtains! So far, I love how it's turning out and my hubby actually likes the fact that the shades allow some light to filter through, before I removed the lining they were room darkening. This job may take me awhile to complete but it is totally worth it!

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