Saturday, October 1, 2011

I got a lot accomplished last week, a painted bathroom and pantry!

Well, I got my guest bathroom and pantry painted this last week and it looks so nice! It needed to be painted so bad and I love the colors that I chose.

 I painted the guest bathroom an Antique White and if you have forgotten (it's been a long time ago!) I painted the vanity in there white and bought a white shower curtain. I hung brushed silver towel racks in there and added large white towels, cream colored hand towels and some antique tea towels just to add that vintage charm!

 I have a large wall cupboard that I need to get distressed and then that will go in there as well. You can see pictures of the guest bath HERE. I have to find some things to set on the shelves of the cupboard but I am waiting until my friends come from Iowa the first of November to do some junking! I am hoping to have the cupboard done tomorrow so I can take pictures and post them for you. I bought a great vintage wicker bicycle basket and set that on the step stool that the grand kids use when they visit and it holds my extra hand towels and wash clothes! I needed a flat basket on one side so that it wouldn't stick too far out because the guest bathroom isn't that big, the bicycle basket worked perfect!

The pantry I painted very light gray called Dolphin Fin from Behr, I painted the master bedroom this color and I love it so much I had to have another room painted the same color! Again, all I have to do is accessorize this room and it will be done. I have a light gray distressed tin punch pie safe in the pantry and a distressed cream colored chimney cupboard and a bucket bench in there too. I love distressed furniture and I also have my redwing crock collection to display in the pantry as well. My mother-in-law bought the crocks and they make a nice display. So that is what kept me so busy last week! I am so glad to finally get this house painted, the thought of it was daunting and now it's nearly done!

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