Friday, September 2, 2011

An inexpensive and fun student desk idea!

Well, another summer is coming to a close, this one went way too fast! School has started for almost all the kids and with money tight it's hard to keep up with all the supplies your kids need to bring to school these days! If anyone is in need of a school desk for your child's room, I have an easy solution and you can paint and decorate it yourself with the help of your kids' creativity! You can find two drawer metal file cabinets almost anywhere these days, whether new at an office supply store or at thrift shops. Buy two of them, spray paint them in a fun color and using stencils decorate them to suit the child's room! Using alphabet stencils you can add words, you can stencil numbers on it or anything that you can find a stencil for! When you are all finished painting and decorating, set the cabinets so that there is space for a chair in between and then add a top. Home Depot or Lowes always has Formica countertops that are left over from cutting jobs and are very cost effective or you can get creative and use anything that will fit on the top! And there you have it, a nice sturdy student desk that your child can help decorate! An easy weekend project that won't cost an arm and a leg! Check my page on Facebook "Restored Treasures Too" for a photo of a corner student desk!

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