Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally getting some things done this week!

Well, I am finally home for awhile so I have a ton of projects to get done! Woke up way to early this morning but I have already gotten two projects half done and the house half way clean!! I will finish the next half of these projects this afternoon!! I am painting the corner cupboard in the hall, I started it a few months back painting just the inside. I decided I wanted to paint the outside as week because the color just wasn't right. I also started painting that huge frame that I featured a few blogs back. It is turning out absolutely glad I "needed" it! The frame is from the 1800's so, for it's age, it was in excellent shape! To keep it that way I painted it antique white, to kind of "glue" the pieces of plaster that was cracked and starting to fall off. The frame was filthy so I took a soft bristle paint brush and cleaned it as good as I could without compromising any more plaster. Then I vacuumed what I could to get the loose dirt off. I had to put a pretty thick coat of paint on it to make sure the plaster would stay intact. Now I know why I love old frames, the detail on it is gorgeous and by painting it the same color as my walls it doesn't seem like such a monster! And the shadows from the all that detail is beautiful. If I get lucky enough to find a print this large it will be very subtle so as not to take away from it's gorgeousness! Anyway, I am hoping to share pictures with you as soon as I get the cupboard done, I doubt the frame will be dry enough today to give it a second coat. So, there you have it, between trips I am keeping very busy!

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