Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adding to my gallery wall, picture by picture!

My daughter surprised me with the sign above the pictures! She knew what I was doing and thought it would go perfectly above all the pictures! I love it!
This was the last picture I took of the gallery wall! Pretty sparce! I am hanging pictures as I find frames for them!

As you know, I have been collecting small frames to put photos in so I can make a gallery wall in our hallway. I was in Iowa a couple of weeks ago and had time to do some flea marketing with some friends and I did find more frames! These frames cost about $10.00 total for about 6 of them! I had to paint a couple because they just weren't the best looking, I put a coat of Bronze craft paint on them and you won't be able to tell which ones I had to repaint! The majority of these frames are plastic so they don't need much to hang them up with. When I am hanging things in my house I always cringe when I have to pound yet another hole in the wall! With exception of the large pictures, these are all hung with straight pins, they are as strong as any nail and they leave just a tiny hole that can be covered with a coat of paint!

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