Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finding the right lampshades for your lamp

One of the things I've had to do is shop for lamp shades for the lamps that I have been buying at the second hand shops and eBay. Style is one thing but finding one that is proportionate is a real task!! The lamps that I bought are quite elaborate in detail and I chose plain shades because I wanted to showcase the lamps, not the shades. The problem for me is not choosing the style it's just finding the right size and shape! There are clip ons, lamp shades that require harps, short harps or tall harps? How wide should the lamp shade be for the height of the lamp? I bought a lampshade for one of my lamps because I loved the shade and I was sure it was going to be perfect for the lamp. Well, it was too short, and the one rule for fitting your lampshade to the lamp is to make sure you can not see the lamp works from underneath the shade. So now I had a beautiful lamp shade and no lamp. So I was on the hunt for a lamp, do you see where I'm going with this??? It can be a never ending job!! I googled "how to find the right lamp shade" are you kidding me? Way more information than I wanted to try to decipher! How complicated can this be?! Anyway, I decided to just take my lamps along with me to find the right shade, it's just easier that way! Or you can buy a lamp that already has a shade! BTW I still have that darn lamp shade that I can't find a lamp for!

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