Thursday, June 2, 2011

Had a wonderful holiday weekend with family

It has been such a crazy week! We haven't been home long enough for me to post anything on my blog! Our Memorial weekends are always so busy, our youngest daughter's birthday is on the 30th so we always spend the whole day with family! That is hard to do anymore, everyone is so busy! It was beautiful weather wise too so we were extra blessed! It was nice to just do nothing! Our day at the flea market was great also, cool and a great breeze and even though I didn't have too much luck it was just good to walk and spend time with my hubby. I have been busy since Tuesday, I started painting the great room and that is a chore. I am doing it in sections so the whole house isn't torn up too bad! I am also working on the oval frame I got to hang over our bed, it's about done. I am also waiting for a few more eBay purchases to get here. I got some wood designs to add to my dresser that I can now finish painting. So much to do. I hope to have some new pictures to post in a few days to show you all the treasures I got online. I am watching my grandson today, it's gorgeous out and we are playing outside! Thanks for being patient, this whole house makeover takes time!

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