Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Planning a busy weekend!

I am getting pretty excited about this weekend, I do hope we have nice weather for it! Not only do we have the flea market on Saturday, we have plans on Memorial Day to have a picnic to celebrate our youngest daughter's birthday! I think Memorial weekend is my favorite holiday in the summer because it kicks off the season of summer! I haven't had much time to paint the last few weeks, we were gone on vacation and then I had to stop to do some sewing. I got my bedskirt done yesterday, it took me two days but it looks so nice! I have made a few more purhases on ebay, I'm still waiting for my silver bud vases and I also bid on a couple of pieces to hang on the wall. And although I have been having luck on Ebay finding things to decorate with, I do not buy it unless I love it. Sometimes it takes me years to find just the right thing to add to my home. I have been lucky lately with everything that I have bought so far and I hope I am happy with the two pictures I bid on this week. Saturday when I go to the flea market I will be looking for a lamp for my room, old dresser pulls and handles and maybe a new bedside table. I also need some accessories to put on my now empty shelves. I have to get some pictures on my blog tonight when I get home to show you what my bedroom looks like so far. It certainly needs tweeking but so far, so good!

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