Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not so much luck at the flea market but I sure got a good workout in!!!

 I promised you photos of my all my flea market they are, all three of them:( After walking for 2 1/2 hours today through the maze of people I was getting a little discouraged! But at the last minute I found a few things that were perfect! Today just wasn't a good day (probably because I was totally prepared!) but I am so happy about the lamp I got for my bedroom. All it needed was the shade (which I already had at home)! Not sure if it will stay in here or go in the great room once I start redoing that but for now it's staying here! When I got it home however, I put the shade on and the shade was too short! Arrgh, so my super smart hubby told me to switch it out with the one in the guest bedroom, that's what I did and it worked beautifully! I have a very smart hubby!
 All I had to do was clean the lamp and put the shade on and it was put in place! Trust me, that doesn't happen very often! I usually have to refurbish everything I get for one reason or another!
 These two lonely pieces of pottery are the other two things I got, I have a whole cupboard to fill, I hope I find more! The flea market is open 4 days a week so you can bet I will be going a lot this summer.
And here is my bedskirt! Next, going to Kinkos to print out a photo for the large oval frame.

It's funny, now that I started redecorating the house from primitive to whatever it's called (!) I found tons of primitives today!!! Crazy how that works! Keep checking in, I will be working on a few projects this week and hope to get them done.

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