Monday, May 16, 2011

My house as it looks now!!

Cupboards, picture frames, baskets etc. all collected in the sunroom waiting to get hung I bought a new handle for this old cupboard and why I spray painted it white I will never know, have to redo. Really happy with the way this bathroom vanity turned out. I still have to paint the walls in here before I can hang anything These are the parts and pieces to my bed and to my curtain rod. These things take forever to paint.........I'm hoping that once I paint the other sides then they will be done. Then I can get curtains
hung from the windows and the bed.

  I did get the bed painted but it is so bare without all the dressings. As you can see there is a cupboard laying behind the little table that is waiting to get hung. If these pieces weren't so heavy they would be hung by now, maybe I can get the hubby to do it tonight. Well, I must say that I am happy to get back to finishing what I started. But I have a long ways to go. My house is all torn up with projects waiting to be hung, parts and pieces laying around. I'm doing it in stages and there is a method to my madness believe it or not. All I am doing at this point is removing things from the rooms, painting them and slowly putting things back. I am not sure what I want to keep or what I want to sell but if I do it in stages I can get a better eye on what I do need. The flea market here opens on Memorial Weekend and it is the highlight of my year believe me. We have one of the best flea markets that I have ever seen, no imported stuff and no velvet paintings of Elvis here. All antiques, vintage, wonderful things and there is always something for everyone. That is where my redo is taking me now, I am in desperate need of some accessories and I can't get them anywhere else but the flea market. I have saved the majority of my money that I made selling things on Ebay so I will have enough to go crazy. As you can see by my pictures that I posted that the house is pretty bare.

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