Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting ready for the flea markets!

As you know I am a flea market freak! Soon ours will be opening up and I will be one of the first ones there! If you have never been to a flea market it can be a little overwhelming at first. So much stuff and where to begin! I am going to give you a few tips on how to flea successfully! The flea market I go to has most of it's vendors outside in the hot, hot sun so you have to be prepared for rain or shine. Usually if it's raining consistently most don't show up but you never know when you can get the bargains, so make sure you have a rain coat and sturdy comfy shoes. Take your sunscreen and sunglasses in case your day is beautiful and you will be out for awhile. Carry a large bag for small purchases or you can purchase a small cart to put your things in. It is easier than running back to the car everytime you make a purchase. If you can remember where the vendor is where you made your purchase you can always go back and get it at the end of the day. Take cash, and pay with small bills. If the vendor sees you pull out a wad of large bills chances are you won't get a bargain! I always make a list of the things I am looking for (but usually when I do that I find everything but what's on my list!) that way I walk down the middle and scan until I find something interesting. Always take measurements of the spaces you need to fill! It is very upsetting to pass up the cupboard you have always wanted because you don't know if it will fit in the space you intended it to go. If you are going with a friend, always agree on a place and time to meet in case you get seperated. Cell phones come in handy these days so you don't have to worry about it! Make sure your purchases will fit into your vehicle! You should see us when my girlfriends and I are out junking, get carried away and then try to pack the truck so we get everything in!!! I hope this gives you an idea on how to get started at your first flea market. Have fun and good luck!

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