Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The curtains are up and the bed is painted and put back together

I put a faux flower in my bud vase so you could see how pretty it looks! I'm hoping to have some real flowers in it soon!

Two little bud vases I bought off Ebay! Tarnished them! My grandchildren are always picking flowers for me now I have something to put them in!

Gorgeous linen hand towels to hang in my bathroom. I am still deciding whether to paint the shelf/towel rack or leave the wood.

Here are the bed linens that I have gotten. I had to have another gray piece in here so I bought one gray sham at TJ Maxx and the two white ones I gave $4.00 for at the second hand shop.

  All the curtains in place now, it's starting to come together now. I need to get a back made for my beautiful frame to hang above the bed and I have a couple of pictures coming from Ebay that may go good in here. I'm home now so I want to post some pics of my half finished bedroom! The bedskirts not on these pictures yet just my painted bed, linens and linens and the curtains are now up. I want you to know that I am still working on this room!

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